Thaumaturge Skill: Confusion
Enemies within 4m of the target are slowed and struck with 35% damage vulnerability. They also have a 10% chance to become friendly towards you for several seconds, attacking other enemies. Charmed enemies gain a bonus to their damage and spellpower while the effect lasts.

Skill Ranks:
  1. Targets are slowed by 30% for 6s (100 mana)
  2. Targets are slowed by 35% for 8.5s (110 mana)
  3. Targets are slowed by 39% for 11s (120 mana)
  4. Targets are slowed by 43% for 12.5s (140 mana)
  5. Targets are slowed by 46% for 14.5s (160 mana)

Skill Masteries:

Chaos Affinity: The cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. Requires Rank 5.

Skill Powerups:

Chaos Grip: The chance that enemies become firendly is increased by 5%.
Helplessness: Targets are afflicted by an extra 10% vulnerability.
Burning Itch: Targets also suffer 40% of spellpower as arcane damage.