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Tomb of the Awakened

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The crypt section of the dungeon. Scrolls can be found here on lecterns. Also, be on the lookout for levers. They tend to open secret passages or secret doors. Other times secret paths also slide out as you approach them. You may encounter a group of three levers. Use them in the right order (watching lights come on) to open a secret area. There are lots of traps here as well, where if you attempt to open a chest, you'll be swarmed by undead. Kill them and take their stuff.

Level 6 is the Lair of the Sisters. It starts out as a normal level, but ends with a boss fight. Read the book at the end after grabbing all the items, and kill the sisters. Go down the stairs. Level 7 is normal again.

Level 8 is the Overseer's Chamber. Light the brazier, and kill him (#1). He drops an eye which will permanently increase your health by 25. Now cross the bridge (#2) and activate the Waypoint Portal (Exit A), and Syl will come to talk with you.

1 - Overseer

2 - Bridge

  1. Waypoint Portal.
  2. Stairs down.