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Estherian Ruins

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The swamp part of the story dungeon. Head to speak with Syl (#1), and you have three options to explore (Exits B, C and D). Do them from top to bottom to do them in order (and this way you won't have to worry about missing a quest). When you have grabbed three runes (one from each area) head to the final portal (Exit E).

These ruins have lots of secrets. Keep your eye out for vine-covered walls. You can usually go through these. If you see an open area in the walls on your map, sometimes if you wait patiently, a path will rise out of the swamp water for you to explore a secret area. You will usually encounter at least one area here that holds a bunch of fish, which is a nice addition to your pet's repertoire.

The final level (16) of this region holds tu'tara lizardmen, elementals, and others. Head to the SE to leave the final platform and continue to the next region. Trigger the waypoint, and Syl will come and ask you to kill the earthquake-causing monster.

1 - Syl

  1. Stairs up.
  2. Purple portal.
  3. Orange portal.
  4. Blue portal.
  5. Green (final) portal.