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Levels 1-4 are the mines. Scrolls, primarily town portal and identify, but sometimes spells, can be found on Foreman's tables. Also, use any plungers you see to blow open secret areas full of goods. Watch out for holes and chutes as rat- or bat-people will often storm out of them. You will encounter Brink on level 2. He will be an undying companion until level 4. If you want to buff up your character a bit, use some purchasable maps while you have Brink for the added firepower.

On level 4, the Dank Chamber, you find Master Alric (#1). He will mutate Brink into an enemy (#2). Kill Brink, and grab the potion he drops for a permanent boost to your defense skill. Syl will appear and tell you to continue to explore, heading into the crypts to find a cure for the corruption in you. Loot the area and activate the nearby Waypoint Portal (Exit B) so as to return to this area without hassle.

Note: The treasure chests in the Dank Chamber will respawn. So you might want to use the Waypoint Portal (Exit B) to return to there a few times.

1 - Master Alric

2 - Brink

  1. Stairs up.
  2. Waypoint Portal.
  3. Stairs down.