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Goblin Dungeons

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The lava levels. Goblins will dominate this region. The most dangerous goblins are the hunters. These launch dynamite at you which can explode and remove half of your health. This region also introduces horns. Blow on the horns to move a bridge and access a secret area. You may also find phase beasts; kill them to explore their secret portals. Note that the beasts behind the secret portals will be tougher than those on the main level.

Level 24 is the prison stronghold, and it holds a waypoint (Exit A). It is guarded by a nasty troll named Krag (#1). Kill his trollmasters to make him weaker (and claim some fame), and then kill him. That will cause Syl (#2) to come and chat with you again.

1 - Krag

2 - Syl

  1. Waypoint portal.
  2. Stairs down.