St. Cuthbert
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

St. Cuthbert
ST. CUTHBERT (...of the Cudgel)

Lesser god (Wisdom, common sense, truth, forthrightness, dedication)

ARMOR CLASS: -3 (-8 if in his plate mail)
MOVE: 21"
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type (+8 strength bonus)
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +3 or better weapon to hit
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good (Neutral)
WORSHIPPERS' ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good/Lawful Neutral
SYMBOL: Wooden Billet, Starburst, Crumpled Hat
PLANE: Arcadia
CLERIC/DRUID: 22nd level cleric/8th level druid
MONK/BARD: 7th level monk
Attack/Defense Modes: All/All

S 20 I 10 W 23 D 19 Co 25 Ch 19

St. Cuthbert appears as a stout red-faced man, with a drooping white moustache and flowing white hair. He wears a simple plate mail of + 5 enchantment. Atop his helmet is a crumpled hat, and a starburst of rubies set in platinum hangs on his chest.

In his left hand he carries a billet of wood. This bronzewood cudgel is actually, in St. Cuthbert's grasp, a + 3 weapon equal to a morning star. Any human touched by the cudgel must make a saving throw vs. spells or be beguiled for 5-20 turns. In his right hand is the fabled Mace of St. Cuthbert, a mace of disruption + 5 with other powers. If the "to hit" roll is a natural 20, the victim loses 1 point of intelligence (no saving throw, no magic resistance). The Mace of St. Cuthbert has the following additional powers: bless (by tapping touch), know alignment (once per day), tongues, exorcise (once per month), and remove curse (seven per week).

St. Cuthbert hates Evil, but his major interest is in Law and Order, and the dual work of conversion and prevention from backsliding of "true believers." He seldom leaves his plane, unless some great duty brings him forth. When on the Prime Plane, he sometimes appears as a manure-covered yokel, or as a wanderer clad in brown and green robes, or as an elderly and slight tinker. In these guises he tests the doctrine of his faithful, or seeks new converts. He can gate to or from Arcadia or the Prime Material Plane at will.

The three orders of the priesthood of St. Cuthbert are the Chapeaux, the Stars, and the Billets. The Chapeaux dress in varying garb, but all wear crumpled hats. They seek to convert people to the faith. At third level, each gains the ability to cast one shillelagh spell per day.

The Stars wear dark green robes with a starburst holy symbol of copper, gold, or platinum (depending on their status). They seek to retain doctrinal purity amongst the faithful. At fourth level, each Star cleric gains the ability to cast one ESP spell per day.

The Billets are the most numerous of those in the orders, serving as ministers and protectors of the faithful. Billets dress in simple brown and russet garments, and use a holy symbol of an oaken or bronzewood billet. At second level, each gains the ability to cast one friends spell per day.

While St. Cuthbert has many large places of worship, wayside shrines and small, rude chapels are the usual. His followers are found mainly in the central Flanaess, around Greyhawk, the Wild Coast, Urnst, and Verbobonc. A great rivalry exists between those who follow St. Cuthbert and the followers of Pholtus (of the Blinding Light).

In addition to the standard divine abilities (given at the beginning of this Appendix) and the other abilities listed above, St. Cuthbert also has the following standard powers of any lesser god.

As often as desired: control temperature 20' radius, improved invisibility, improved phantasmal force, remove curse, remove fear, summon followers (1-3 creatures of the same type and alignment, 25 Hit Dice total).

Four times per day: dispel evil, dispel illusion, dispel magic.

Three times per day: cure serious wounds, resurrection, true seeing.

Twice per day: anti-magic shell, gate, heal, holy word, polymorph others, protection from evil 20' radius, symbol.

Once per day: command (3 round duration), death spell, minor globe of invulnerability, quest, restoration, trap the soul, wish.

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