Iuz the Old
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Iuz the Old
Iuz the Old
IUZ (The Old)

Demigod (Oppression, deceit, wickedness, pain)

ARMOR CLASS: -4 (-8 with cape)
MOVE: 18"
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 or 2
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type or 2-5/2-5 (+9 strength bonus)
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +1 or better weapon to hit
MAGIC RESISTANCE: 45% (65% with cape)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
SYMBOL: Grinning human skull
PLANE: Prime Material (Oerth)
CLERIC/DRUID: 16th level cleric
THIEF/ASSASSIN: 16th level assassin
Attack/Defense Modes: All/All

S 21 I 18 W 20 D 18 Co 18 Ch 18 (-4)

Whether luz is a human who has become demon-like through the centuries, or whether he is a semi-demon, a cambion (as some suggest, a by-blow of Orcus), no mortal knows. He is, however, the first known godling of Chaotic Evil, whose wickedness and treachery are infamous throughout the Flanaess.

This cruel being can appear as either a massive (7' tall) fat man with demoniac features, reddish skin, pointed ears, and long steely fingers, or as an old and wrinkled manikin scarcely 5 feet in height. Either might be luz' true form—or even both.

luz rules a portion of Oerth, a horrid territory which bears its master's name, from the cursed city of Molag. Few creatures beyond the boundaries of this domain will even speak his name, let alone adore him.

In his demoniac form, luz prefers to wield a great two-handed sword + 3, though he can, of course, use other weapons. In any guise, luz can use his exceptionally long and sinewy digits to claw, strike, and strangle. If he strikes thus twice, the victim of his strangling grasp will die in 2-5 rounds unless freed. In his manikin-like form, luz has the ability to generate a disgusting spittle which he can expectorate once per round. This substance ages the victim struck by 1-6 years (no saving throw), and withers the area hit, numbing one member and making it useless for 2-5 rounds. His wrinkled visage projects a negative Charisma (-4), which causes Horror to all those of 6 or fewer Hit Dice, for a -55% reaction penalty.

luz is rumored to have a Soul Object secreted on the Abyssal Plane dominated by the demoness Zuggtmoy, with whom he is known to consort. He is thus free to roam outside his domain without fear of permanent harm. He is also said to wear an old, short cape which boosts his Magic Resistance by 20%, and serves as a cloak of protection + 4 as well.

Great emnity exists between luz and St. Cuthbert. This is carried on by the servants of the two, as well.

Clerics of luz dress in rusty black (their master's favorite color) or white streaked with rust-red bloodstains. At 3rd level each gains the ability to change self (as the illusionist spell) once per day. Their ceremonies include the burning of foul-smelling substances, the beating of great drums and the clangor of bronze bells, and blood sacrifice whenever possible. Places of service to luz must be old, filthy, and dark. Altar services are typically of bone, and include many skulls.

In addition to the standard divine abilities and the other abilities listed above, luz also has the following standard powers of any demigod.

As often as desired: finger of death, invisibility, phantasmal force, protection from good 10' radius, remove fear, summon followers (1-2 creatures of the same type and alignment, up to 20 Hit Dice total), wall of force.

Three times per day: cure light wounds, raise dead.

Twice per day: dispel good, dispel illusion, dispel magic, true seeing.

Once per day: anti-magic shell, command (2 round duration), gate, heal, unholy word, limited wish, symbol.

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