Saul Karath
Saul Karath The corruption of Republic forces has proven to be the most devastating weapon in the Sith arsenal, culminating in a betrayal that may turn the tide of a burgeoning war. Admiral Saul Karath, a pivotal figure in the victory over the Mandalorians only five years ago, stunned his peers when he declared the Republic not worthy of his support. He transferred his allegiance to the Sith Lord Revan, taking with him a large number of troops and the Indictor flagship he commanded, the Leviathan.

Karath was the first officer of significant rank to go over, and he set a dark precedent. Rather than face an enemy that knows their every tactic, several other officers have followed his path. Many that remain loyal to the Republic trained directly under the admiral. For them, the coming conflict has become far more personal in nature.