Calo Nord
Calo Nord At first glance Calo Nord seems harmless enough. He is small in stature, a quiet little man who moves with a careful, almost deliberate precision. Yet the twin blasters on his belt give a hint as to the true nature beneath his disturbingly expressionless face. And among the criminals and scum inhabiting the Outer Rim, no name is more feared than that of the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter.

Bought as a slave while still a young boy, Calo began his life of bloodshed on his sixteenth birthday by butchering his owners or so the legend holds. His next victims were the ones who had sold him into a life of servitude, his own parents. It was inevitable such bloody vengeance would bring retribution, and a price was placed on the young man's head.

But Calo had a natural instinct for survival, and for killing. He toyed with the bounty hunters who came after him, learning all their tricks and techniques before dispatching them with ruthless efficiency. Eventually the attempts on his life stopped, though not before dozens had failed in their efforts to collect the small fortune resting on his head. Those responsible for placing the bounty on him were the next to feel Calo's wrath. No longer a target himself, Calo became one of the hunters. With each bounty he collected, his reputation grew.

There are those who claim Calo is nothing but a myth, a story created to frighten would-be criminals. But the victims staring into his unwavering predator's gaze could testify that he is all too real... if any of them were still alive.