Darth Bandon
Darth Bandon Like most of Malak's followers, Bandon was once a student of the Jedi. But though the Force flowed through him, Bandon could never accept the Jedi teachings. Powerful emotions like anger and hate raged within him, and they fueled his strength. When the Sith rose to power, Bandon rejected his old Master and fled to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

There he embraced the dark side and the way of the Sith with every fiber of his being. His great strength in the Force, his natural cruelty and his absolute ruthlessness in his quest for power soon set him apart from his fellow students, and drew the calculating eye of Lord Malak himself.

In the tradition of their order, Malak sought a single pupil from among his many followers to become his chosen apprentice: one who could learn the terrible secrets of the Sith and use them to destroy the Jedi and the Republic.

So far, Darth Bandon has proven himself to be an excellent choice. Many Jedi have fallen beneath the blade of his lightsaber, and he has yet to meet his equal in combat. In time, Bandon may even challenge Malak for the mantle of Dark Lord, for this is the way of the Sith: the strong must rule, and when the apprentice surpasses the Master, the Master must fall.

But such ambitions are for the future. For now, Bandon is focused on the destruction of the Republic and the slaughter and extinction of the entire Jedi Order.