Race: Orlan

Orlans are the smallest of the kith races, though many cultures don't consider them to be civilized at all. Also notable for their large ears, two-toned skin, and hirsute bodies, orlans are commonly found in Eir Glanfath, the Ixamitl Plains, and parts of the Dyrwood. They are known for their mental intensity and quickness.

  • Resolve +1
  • Might -1
  • Perception +2

  • Hearth Orlan

    Hearth orlans are often found as slaves in Readceras and the Vailian Republics. One of the treaty terms between the Dyrwood and the people of Eir Glanfath was the liberation of orlan slaves, and while this has been honored, many hearth orlans continue to live in the Dyrwood as indentured servants.

    Minor Threat: When attacking any target that is also being targeted by a teammate, hearth orlans convert some of their hits into crits.

  • Wild Orlan

    Wild orlans are the "original" orlans who lived in the deepest forests and jungles between the tropics. While they have only been significantly separated from hearth orlans for a thousand years, a few genetic differences have appeared rapidly, most notably a lack of facial hair in the hearth orlan branch. Wild orlans are common in the deep reaches of Eir Glanfath. Unlike their hearth orlan brethren, they are not often seen in the Dyrwood, Readceras, or the Vailian Republics.

    Defiant Resolve: After being subjected to a Will attack, wild orlans temporarily gain a bonus to all defenses.