Race: Aumaua

The mighty aumaua are the largest of the kith races and are commonly found near oceans. Though not truly aquatic, they have an affinity for water and many of their civilizations, such as Rauatai, are based on naval dominance. They are known for their unparalleled strength.

  • Might +2

  • Coastal Aumaua

    Viewed as a warlike race, the coastal aumaua live in a mainland region along the coasts of the northern hemisphere -- lands they conquered by pushing Thyrtan (meadow folk), Natlan (savannah folk), and orlan communities out. Their culture is more centralized and urban than their island cousins, though both groups are involved in seafaring. Coastal aumaua are very rare in the Dyrwood, but those that do make the journey usually do so as mercenaries, bodyguards, or soldiers.

    Towering Physique: Coastal aumaua gain bonuses to defend against Prone and Stun effects.

  • Island Aumaua

    Island aumaua originated in the Deadfire Archipelago a thousand miles south of the Vailian Republics. While physiologically similar to their coastal cousins, the coloration of island aumaua is starkly different -- brown and yellow, contrasting the coastal's blue and green. Though still uncommon in the Dyrwood and surrounding environments, island aumaua are more commonly encountered there than coastal aumaua, who are quite rare. When encountered around the Dyrwood, they are often laborers, fishermen, or sailors.

    Armed to the Teeth: All island aumaua gain an additional weapon set.