Race: Elf

Elves are the dominant race in Eir Glanfath and The White that Wends and are extremely common in the Dyrwood and Aedyr. Elves are known for their speed and intelligence as well as a commonly isolationist nature.

  • Dexterity +1
  • Perception +1

  • Wood Elf

    Wood elves (Sceltrfolc) trace their beginnings far north of present-day Aedyr and have migrated south throughout the forests of the continent, now covering it all the way south across the equator. They are also believed to have migrated across the sea to Eir Glanfath. While physiologically identical to one another, wood elves from Aedyr are culturally different from those in Eir Glanfath and consider themselves wholly different groups.

    Distant Advantage: Against any enemy that is more than 4m away, wood elves gain bonuses to Accuracy, Deflection and Reflex.

  • Pale Elf

    It is unclear exactly how long ago the pale elves (Glamfellen) came to the southern polar regions of the world, but they have lived there for at least 12,000 years based on their continuous contact with aumaua traders. They appear to be among the most stationary ethic groups in the known world, migrating within the polar region but seldom venturing far north. They are rare in all northern lands and most people consider them exotic (if they have seen one at all).

    Elemental Endurance: All pale elves have increased Burn and Freeze damage reductions.