Bestiary: Pwgra
Name: Pwgra (Level 6 Primordial)

Endurance: 115
Accuracy: 43
Damage: 21-31 Slash
DR: 15 (Burn 8, Freeze 8)

  • Might 15
  • Constitution 14
  • Dexterity 8
  • Perception 13
  • Intellect 10
  • Resolve 13
  • Deflection 43
  • Reflex 37
  • Fortitude 53
  • Will 41
A delempwgra ("rotten leaf'), more typically called pwgra ("rotten"), is a delemgan that has been corrupted by the destruction of their home tree or adra stone. They are as ugly as delemgan are beautiful, spindly and emaciated with cool tones to their skin. Their hair is dead, dark, and slimy, their facial features contorted, and their teeth long and sharp. Unlike delemgan, they are not surrounded by motes of light, and they are more than willing to attack unfortunate travelers with their long talons. Pwgra decorate themselves with the skulls, skins, and feathers of animals they've killed.

Just as delemgan seek to maintain the health of their forests, pwgra seek to corrupt them, making the two species mortal enemies. The rot that infects them endows their attacks with a ghastly poison, but it also makes their bodies weak and brittle, leaving them vulnerable to piercing and crushing attacks.

Since they can no longer draw essence from a healthy forest, they must survive by drawing energy and essence out of plants, animals, and kith. This makes them natural allies with shadows, which feed by similar means and enjoy the benefits of a shared hunt.

They are hostile toward all life, but rangers and druids are their most common foes.