Bestiary: Giant Dank Spore
Name: Giant Dank Spore (Level 10 Primordial)

Endurance: 461
Accuracy: 56
Damage: 17-27 Crush
DR: 12 (Slash 6, Crush 24, Freeze 24, Corrode 6)

  • Might 21
  • Constitution 22
  • Dexterity 7
  • Perception 9
  • Intellect 12
  • Resolve 14
  • Deflection 41
  • Reflex 40
  • Fortitude 93
  • Will 59
These giant mushrooms stand nearly as tall as adult aumaua, and are topped by a broad and colorful cap. Their enormous weight is only held upright by the dozens of roots surrounding their base.

Dank spores are unique, compared to other forms of fungi, in their appetite for the souls of living creatures. They often grow and move in groups along the forest floor, searching for weakened or exhausted travelers who are unable to fight back. Once they find a host, they bind to it and supply it with the basic nutrients required to keep it alive while they absorb its essence. Dank spores are extremely hostile once they find a host, and will attack anything that gets close to their meal with their poisonous, barbed roots.

Dank spores feed on the most corrupt and splintered energy of a soul first, continuing until the host is nothing but a soulless husk. This makes dank spore flesh useful to experienced apothecaries as a cleansing agent in soul purification medicines and techniques. Improperly applied, however, this treatment can lead to amnesia and, in extreme cases, soul fracturing.