Bestiary: Kraken (WM2)
Name: Kraken (Level 12 Primordial)

Endurance: 706
Accuracy: 106
Damage: 58-91 Corrode
DR: 8 (Crush 16, Burn 4, Corrode 4)

  • Might 32
  • Constitution 26
  • Dexterity 14
  • Perception 16
  • Intellect 5
  • Resolve 10
  • Deflection 78
  • Reflex 73
  • Fortitude 129
  • Will 43
  • Attack
  • Corrosive Cloud
Sailors all over Eora tell stories of the beasts that haunt the deep. Of these, few are more feared than the kraken.

Krakens rarely venture to the surface, and they almost never leave survivors in their wake. They are massive, tentacled beasts, capable of crushing small ships and plucking sailors from their decks. Despite their size, krakens' soft, flexible bodies allow them to squeeze through tight spaces in search of prey or shelter. Thankfully, they prefer dark, quiet spaces to open water.

They are cunning hunters and, according to legend, Ondra's terrible servants.