Bestiary: Gafonercos (WM2)
Name: Gafonercos (Level 16 Beast)

Endurance: 648
Accuracy: 124
Damage: 35-40 Corrode
DR: 21 (Slash 32, Pierce 16, Burn Immunity, Freeze
16, Shock 11, Corrode Immunity)

  • Might 25
  • Constitution 20
  • Dexterity 28
  • Perception 22
  • Intellect 24
  • Resolve 26
  • Deflection 106
  • Reflex 125
  • Fortitude 115
  • Will 125
  • Breath
  • Fear Aura
  • Tail Whip
A full-grown dragon is colossal, taller than most buildings of kith construction when at rest. They can easily rise to twice that height when rearing up on their hind legs.

Dragons have reached the mature stage of their lifecycle. Like drakes, they have adapted to fit in their environment, but even more extensively. Their coloration, ornamentation, and even body structure will reflect their chosen territory, as will the attacks and defenses they can bring to bear. Because they have already claimed territory and rarely face a threat from other dragons or drakes, they are more conservative in nature and will not seek unnecessary conflict.

Only dragons can mate. This is generally the only occasion that will cause a dragon to leave its lands or seek out others of its kind. Upon reaching the dragon stage, these creatures will assume a sex. However, if surrounding populations are too heavily skewed one way or the other, individual dragons can change their sex. As creatures that reach this stage are so rare, this ability is critical to the survival of the species.

Dragons are more intelligent than most other sentient beings, but their solitary nature prevents them from interacting meaningfully with other species.