Bestiary: Elder Wolf
Name: Elder Wolf (Level 9 Beast)

Endurance: 216
Accuracy: 63
Damage: 20-34 Pierce
DR: 4

  • Might 14
  • Constitution 18
  • Dexterity 20
  • Perception 19
  • Intellect 10
  • Resolve 11
  • Deflection 50
  • Reflex 82
  • Fortitude 68
  • Will 46
  • Knock Down
"Where there are deer, wolves will soon follow." This Aedyran proverb, often spoken with the first phrase omitted, suggests the vulnerability that early settlers often felt in the Eastern Reach. It also speaks to the long association that the Aedyrans (literally "People of the Deer") have had with the four-legged predators that are as ubiquitous in the Dyrwood as they are in the Aedyran Empire.

Wolves are legendary for their speed as well as their ability to knock their prey prone, subsequently subjecting them to devastating attacks.