Bestiary: Elder Stelgaer
Name: Elder Stelgaer (Level 9 Beast)

Endurance: 223
Accuracy: 64
Damage: 40-53 Pierce
DR: 4

  • Might 21
  • Constitution 19
  • Dexterity 20
  • Perception 20
  • Intellect 8
  • Resolve 11
  • Deflection 50
  • Reflex 84
  • Fortitude 84
  • Will 43
  • Breath
  • Rake
Stelgaers are large predatory cats. While juveniles are often lone hunters, mature stelgaers will often band together in prides to defend territory, hunt prey, and care for their young. These cats are aggressive and highly adaptable, and particular strains of the species may be found in a range of environments, from hot plains to frozen tundra. Kith settlements have pushed them out of most of the territory around Defiance Bay. As a result, they are more common in Eir Glanfath. Their status as a deadly predator makes them a noteworthy trophy among followers of Galawain.