The Bloodworm Helm
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Arcane University
Starting NPC: Hannibal Traven
Possible Reward(s): None

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Once you've given Hannibal the time he needs following the conclusion of the A Plot Revealed quest, he'll tell you that two of the guild's most powerful artifacts have been foolishly taken by guild mages for the sake of fighting Mannimarco on their own. One of these artifacts is the Bloodworm Helm, which Hannibal tells you was taken by Irlav Jorel to Fort Teleman. He requests that you track down Caranya and return the artifact to the guild before it falls into the Necromancers' hands.

Fort Teleman is located a considerable distance to the northeast of Leyawiin. Starting from the "d" in "Lockwood" on the map, travel to the north until you reach the fort. Wipe out any opposition around the fort's outskirts, then head through its depths via the wooden door to the right of the staircase. Your objective is to find Irlav, but as soon as you reach the first room, you'll realize that the place is already crawling with Necromancers. There are several of them on the first level of the dungeon, so make your way through slowly to avoid having to fight more than one at a time.

Eventually, you'll reach a door to the fort's Order of the Black Rose level. The second floor presents even more opposition. After hacking your way through a mix of Necromancers and Daedra, you'll find Irlav's corpse lying on the floor of a large cavernous room. Search his body to find the Bloodworm Helm and some White Mage's Robes, then level the fort using the alternate exit route through another door in this level's main entrance chamber.

At this point, you can either fast-travel to the Imperial City Arcane University and return the helm to Traven, or you can move on to the The Necromancer's Amulet quest if you haven't already completed it. If you head back to Arch-Mage Traven now, he tells you that he will place the helm in a secure location in the tower. Maybe he should have done that before Irlav took off with it and got himself killed?

If you've already finished the The Necromancer's Amulet quest, then Hannibal tells you to speak with Raminus for further advancement in the guild. When you speak with Polus, he grants you the rank of Master-Wizard, the highest rank that he can bestow on another mage. With that out of the way, return to Traven to begin the Ambush quest.