Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Arcane University
Starting NPC: Hannibal Traven
Possible Reward(s): None

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After returning the Bloodworm Helm during The Bloodworm Helm quest and the Necromancer's Amulet during The Necromancer's Amulet quest, Traven tells you that he has "an essential task" for you. The Necromancers have been busy making Black Soul Gems and have even crafted a unique gem that they're holding in the ruins of Silorn. This gem must be confiscated before it can be delivered to the King of Worms and brought back to the Arch-Mage, as he apparently has a (noble?) need for it. Traven has sent a group of Battlemages to the site, and you're to meet them there to oversee their actions in obtaining the gem.

The ruins of Silorn can be found to the southeast of Skingrad, just north of the "T" in "The West Weald." When you approach the ruins from the main road, you'll meet up with three of the Battlemages that Traven had sent. The leader, Thalfin, will bring you up to speed on the situation. The door leading into Silorn is sealed with an enchantment and you'll have to wait for the Necromancers to exit it before you can sneak inside. Since you're in charge, the three Battlemages await your orders for the initial ambush that will secure your entry into the hideout.

Speak with each of the Battlemages about their abilities so you can best determine where to position them for the initial battle. Thalfin is best with her axe, so you'll want to send her up close. Merete is skilled with large-scale spells, so put her at a distance. Iver is pretty good with a weapon or spells, but has been working on his healing ability a lot lately. That makes him best suited for the front lines, so put him up with Thalfin. You can position these three any way you'd like, but this is the optimal configuration. Choosing a different position will actually get a slight objection out of each one, but they will abide by your orders regardless.

It won't be long before a contingent of Necromancers emerges from the ruins and starts heading your way. When the Battlemages rush in, fire everything you have at the group until all the Necromancers have fallen. The leader, Falcar, will attempt to run back into the hideout. If you can dish out a massive amount of damage quickly or incapacitate him with a paralyzation spell, then you can keep him from making it inside. If you're unable to do this in time, then you'll have to enter the depths of Silorn. The hideout is guarded by several other Necromancers, though, so you'll want to rest up before entering.

Assuming you didn't take down Falcar quickly, here's a quick rundown of what you'll find inside. The first level of Silorn will put you up against at least a half dozen Necromancers. Keep following the main pathway until you reach a door leading into the second level, Silorn Sedorseli. Make your way through the first few Necromancers on this new floor until you reach a room with several Welkynd Stones available for the taking. Use an open spell or pick the lock on the gate behind the altar, then take the hallway to the left and kill the lone Necromancer guarding the way into the watery chamber beyond. The pressure plate in the floor will open the gates blocking access across the bridge, and you'll find another Necromancer waiting for you on the other side. Take him out, then enter the door at the top of the stairs. This leads you to another sub-level where you'll find another door leading into Silorn Buroseli.

There isn't much to this final level of Silorn. Kill the two Necromancers guarding the entry room, then push the block to reveal a Varla Stone for the taking. Move into the next hallway, where you'll finally encounter Falcar. Blast the dagger-wielding fool with everything you have, then loot the Colossal Black Soul Gem from his smoldering corpse. If you continue down the pathway where you encountered Falcar, you'll eventually reach another door that brings you just south of the exit door out of Silorn. Once you're outside again, fast-travel to the Arcane University to hand over the gem.

Traven is very happy to have the gem in his possession, and his intentions are good regardless of what you might have thought beforehand. In fact, his plans include sacrificing himself to enchant the gem with magic capable of protecting its holder from Mannimarco's ability of possession. It's time to move on to the Confront the King.