A Plot Revealed
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Arcane University
Starting NPC: Hannibal Traven
Possible Reward(s): Wizard's Fury Spell

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Once you've let Traven in on the information you learned about Mannimarco's return during the Information at a Price quest, you must give him 48 hours to consult the Council about it. When he's finally ready to speak with you, he asks that you visit the Bruma Mages Guild for him and check on its representative, Jeanne Frasoric. Traven has not heard from Jeanne in quite some time and he worries that something might be amiss, given the recent events that have transpired.

When you arrive at the Bruma Mages Guild, you'll immediately realize that Traven's fears were not unfounded. The guild is currently under siege - walls have been demolished, the building has caught fire, and a small army of undead are patrolling its halls and killing any mages within. A handful of bodies are already strewn about, but there may be a survivor yet. Kill the undead on the main floor, then enter the living quarters below. Several more undead will slow your progress here, but cut through them and enter the door at the end of the central hallway. This leads up to the other side of the main floor, where you'll find Jeanne Frasoric's private chambers.

You're too late to save Jeanne, she's been cut down by a Necromancer named Camilla Lollia. Camilla is still here, though, so you can dish out some immediate revenge. Once she falls, J'skar will reveal himself and tell you that he's been hiding ever since the attack. He saw the King of Worms firsthand and watched as he killed his friend, Volanaro. When Volanaro fell, Mannimarco stole his soul and then mentioned something about Echo Cave and the destruction of the Mages Guild. Once he's told you everything he knows, J'skar runs off to save himself from the onslaught.

Return to Traven and tell him the grim news. He's surprised to hear that Mannimarco is preying on the guild and needs a few more days to digest the information. He also promises to take care of J'skar, should he eventually arrive here in the Imperial City. While you're waiting for your next task, speak with Raminus Polus about advancement and he'll promote you to the rank of Wizard and teach you a new spell called Wizard's Fury.

Give Traven the time he needs, then speak with him again to learn that the Council is squabbling over how best to deal with the Necromancers. In fact, two of the guild's more prominent mages have taken artifacts from the university and are secretly studying them on their own to learn more about the Necromancers. Traven fears that they've both just brought the attention of Mannimarco upon them and are most likely susceptible to an attack because of their actions. The two artifacts are the Bloodworm Helm and the Necromancer's Amulet, taken by Irlav Jarol and Caranya to Fort Teleman and Fort Ontus, respectively. The Arch-Mage wants you to safely return both artifacts and issues separate quests for them called The Bloodworm Helm and The Necromancer's Amulet.