DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Review

IGN reviews DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, coming away impressed by the episequel's humor and gameplay while noting, like others do, that it's basically DeathSpank again.
The first game allowed a second player to join in at any time and control DeathSpank's sidekick Sparkles the Wizard. Sparkles is back in Thongs of Virtue, but a second secondary hero has been added: Steve! Steve was raised by ninjas and rides a miniature unicorn, instantly making him one of the coolest videogame characters around. Unfortunately, two-player mode still leaves something to be desired as both players share a health bar and player two can't use any sweet loot. I prefer to do my DeathSpank questing on my own.

Don't worry if you haven't played the first game -- the episodes are self-contained and the storyline is ridiculous nonsense anyway. Handy in-game tutorials have been added that will explain the ins and outs of heroism as you make your way towards the fabled thongs. There is also a clever hint system where you find fortune cookies lying around that can be eaten for a nudge in the right direction.

If you enjoyed the first DeathSpank, you're gonna love Thongs of Virtue. It's just as addictive, just as pretty, and I dare say it's even a little funnier. Fans of quests and, more importantly, sidequests will find more missions here than they know what to do with. Hopefully there are more episodes on the way.