Dark Age of Camelot Patch 1.106 Released

The Camelot Herald brings word of the servers going offline today to apply a new patch to the game, which will feature updated items and classes.
Status - Maintenance has completed. All servers are up and running version 1.106.


We will be bringing all North American and European servers offline tomorrow morning for the implementation of Patch 1.106. All servers will be brought offline at 6:00 AM EDT/12.00 CET. At this time we anticipate all servers to be back online no later than 2:30 PM EDT/20.30 CET.

With this version, we have reformatted the Dark Age of Camelot patch notes. As all current players now have access to all DAoC content, we have streamlined the structure of the patch notes and removed seperation of notes by expansion pack.

Highlights from version 1.106 include:

*All Aurulite items have had their quality increased to 99%.
*An all new Quest hub has been added to several low level Battlegrounds offering a series of repeatable Monster and Player killing quests. These quests will reward players richly in both Experience and Aurulite!
*Improvements have been made across the board for all Celtic dual classes in Hibernia. A boost has been given in growth rate and attack bonuses on several styles in this line. Please read on for the full notes!