BioShock 2 DLCs Contain Colorblind Fix

The hacking minigame in BioShock 2 was broken for colorblind people, a problem the publisher has solved, but not in a patch, but rather only in the Protector's Trials and Minerva's Den DLCs, for some rather vague technical reasons. So essentially, colorblind gamers have to buy the DLC to get through the hacking minigames, OXM reports.
"It was in fact "secretly" fixed," says Steve G, who is in fact a designer at 2K Marin and not a midfielder for Liverpool. "The reason it's not publicized is that buying the DLC (Protector Trials or the upcoming Minerva's Den) is required to get the fixed hacking."

This is due to a technical constraint meaning that we couldn't put the fix in a free title update (we would've had to re-distribute all of the levels, basically, because of how our data structure is set up, and I don't think that title updates can contain content at all, only code.)"

But, we figured better to fix it for some people than no one, so there you have it."