BioWare Interview

While working the show floor of GamesCom last month, Xbox360Achievements caught up with BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk for a conversation about whether or not video games are a form of art. If there's one thing that Mr. Ebert will always be remembered for, it's this ridiculous debate:
(It'd be like someone saying and we're not saying this to be clear that films are not art, and that comment is just not a relevant comment,) jumps in Muzyka. (We would never say that comment, particularly with not having seen films. To make that kind of assertion without having ever experienced the art... it actually leaves me at a loss for words.)

(It is interesting in some ways because if you look back at the history of art and every great art form has had this controversy,) continued Muzyka, (Every single one. At some point people challenged its validity as a form of expression; whether you had the right to express it, whether it was a form of art... it goes through stages.)

(You have to protect the public from it at one point...) noted Zechsuk, before Muzkya responded, (Different forms of music had this, writing, film had this, television had this...)

(I'm sure putting fig leaves on statues in selective spots was a big thing,) Zeschuk was keen to point out, setting Muzyka up to take a new angle.