Ultima IX: Ascension Retrospective

Origin's final single player installment to the Ultima series has been given the retrospective treatment by the editors over at Eurogamer.de. As the article is only available in German, a Google translation is required:
Every city in the world represented a certain virtue that they should hold higher than any other to the other cities and residents a living role model. This task, even after they came, just a little too enthusiastically. Only on closer inspection is revealed to all as corrupt in the recognition. For justice is injustice, cruelty of bravery. The shrines were the Guardian, the Erzbösewicht spoiled, and banned their essence into glyphs, which in turn were sealed deep in the ground and the world's heart-reaching towers. Safety first. Playful mean per glyph a dungeon that really had a certain similarity with the basic idea of Zelda.

Your progress on the way to new skills that you could turn obstacles to overcome in the new towers. It also included a few not so successful, and many room mystery, the brilliance of the storytelling in many of the details were completely inappropriate. In justice must be said, however, that on the PC at the time was not so much in this action-RPG-Adventure-direction and most of the time half was fun to see these parts of Britannia. But more impressive was the upper world.