Atari to Announce a New D&D Title Soon, Probably Neverwinter MMO

I had several emails in my inbox this evening pointing me to this report on superannuation that not only confirms that Atari will be announcing a new Dungeons & Dragons video game soon (sometime after Gen Con, anyway), but also lists several new Neverwinter-related websites that the company purchased earlier this week. This lends some substantial evidence to the previous Neverwinter Nights MMORPG rumors (here and here):
Atari has an announcement coming about some kind of D&D video game but they couldn't talk about it here.

Record expires on 04-Aug-2013.
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Domain servers in listed order:

At this point, the question is really when the announcement is coming. GamesCom later this month? Or maybe during Bill Roper's appearance at GDC China later this year?