Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance Screenshots

Focus Home Interactive sent us over another set of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance screenshots today, while also elaborating on the Dragon Knight Saga bundle pack they'll be releasing in October. Here's the accompanying text:

We are pleased to offer today brand new images of Larian Studios' role playing game: Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga, planned for release on PC and Xbox 360 in October.

Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga includes the original adventure (Ego Draconis), and (Flames of Vengeance), the Dragon Knight's new adventure that continues the epic story and adds dozens of hours of additional gameplay. Ego Draconis appears here as an entirely new and re-mastered edition with improved graphics and content that make the game even more beautiful and more impressive than ever before!

As for Flames of Vengeance, this new adventure brings players new quests, new creatures and many new items. It also benefits from all the graphical improvements made to Ego Draconis, and delivers a spectacular finale to the Dragon Knight Saga! Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga offers a total of over 60 hours of gameplay and more than 180 original quests that combine into an epic and fantastic role playing experience.

Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga includes the complete and re-mastered adventure Ego Draconis, and the brand new adventure Flames of Vengeance. The game will be released in Europe in October 2010 on PC and Xbox 360.
Do we really need to jam every major RPG release into the same three-week window?