BioWare Mythic Announces Ultima Online Call to Arms Promotion

In attempt to add new players and bring back former ones, EA has announced a new Ultima Online "Call to Arms" promotion that features some perks for gamers willing to jump into Britannia. There's something very strange about seeing BioWare's name tied to an Ultima game:

Festivities and Stygian Abyss Price Reduction Begin on August 5th,

BioWare Mythic has revealed the Ultima Onlineâ„¢ (UO) Call to Arms and is enlisting new, former and current players of Ultima Online to participate in the epic online festivities beginning August 5th, 2010.

The Ultima Online Call to Arms online festivities will include:

'¢ Players creating new (non-trial) accounts will receive a (New Player Token) giving them access to 20,000 gold, a premium armor set, weapons, and increased skill gain for all venturing party members

'¢ For former players, we've updated the templates for the Advanced Character tokens that making them more exciting. As an incentive to invite someone new to Ultima Online and bring forth a new pack of (UOphiles) current players who journey with new players will also receive escalated skill advancement

'¢ Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss, UO's most recent expansion, is available now for new low price. Upgrades for existing players will now cost $19.99 USD while new users will be able to buy the expansion plus 30 days of gametime for $29.99 USD. Pruchase Stygian Abyss via digital download from

'¢ Live Events are back: One of the long lost gameplay elements of Ultima Online is returning with the help of Event Moderators to lead in game events and drive the live story arc. Ultima Online will be re-introducing several characters from both Ultima's and Ultima Online's past and pressing toward re-creating the former majesty of the town Magincia during Call to Arms

'¢ Introduction of PvP (Arena) Gameplay to Ultima Online: For the first time ever, players will have the option of battling in 1 versus 1 player versus player (PvP) combat in one of two brand new arenas

You can find out more information on Ultima Online and Call to Arms by visiting:

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