King's Bounty Online Announced

From the "they'll make anything into an MMO these days" department comes word that Nival Group, KranX Productions, 1C Company, and Katauri Interactive are preparing an MMO based on their popular King's Bounty series. Are there really a lot of The Legend and Armored Princess fans that are interested in an MMO version?
King's Bounty goes online!

May 14, 2010, Nival Network

Company KranX Productions, founded by the famous Russian game-inventory Andrei «KranK» Kuzmin, and Nival Network, one of the leading Russian companies in the field of online games, led by Sergei Orlov, announce a joint MMO-project King's Bounty Online.

KranX Productions with the participation of Nival Network and Katauri Interactive has been developing client-MMO-game King's Bounty Online - rpg strategy games with turn-based battles and a huge game world. The publisher and operator of the game will make Nival Network.

The first part of King's Bounty came in 1990, and over the past decade, a series won the love and acceptance of millions of players worldwide. A unique fantasy world inhabited by the huge number of memorable characters and monsters, and most importantly - an exciting battle with them - all these and more have made King's Bounty cult game cycles of global significance.

Two modern adventure saga created in the best traditions legendary King's Bounty - «King's Bounty. Legend of the Knight "and add« King's Bounty: boardgame, developed domestic studio Katauri Interactive and released by 1C. Critics praised the "Legend of the Knight", honoring her many awards, including "Best RPG», «Best remake or restart the series," Best game of the Russia and CIS countries "and" Best Game of the Year ". Thus, the "Legend of the Knight" became the most titled Russian game with an average rating of 9.3 in the press 10 and 12 award-winning Editor's Choice "from various media.

King's Bounty Online is created with all the features and the rich possibilities of social networking Among them - access to all projects through a single account, users communicate with each other, clustering, and more. With gaming and social networking online game King's Bounty Online Millions of players for the first time in the history of the series will be able to participate together in exciting journeys and adventures in the world of King's Bounty in 2011.

"We try to take up only for the interesting and innovative projects, if only because of the great experience we have accumulated over the past 15 years. King's Bounty Online - it is a game. We look forward to working with such talented and legendary designers such as Andrew Kuzmin, Dmitry Gusarov ", - said President Nival Group Sergey Orlovsky.

"Offline is dead, long live online! I am confident that the synergy of our company with Nival Network, Katauri and the company "1C" will soon be a stunning result as a full-fledged national MMO-project world-class quality. Kaliningrad has become a major center of concentration creators of online games new generation - I, of course, about KranX and Katauri headed by Dmitry Gusarov. So we will win ", - said cooperation Andrei Kuzmin.

About KranX Productions
Company KranX Productions was founded in 2004 by a leading game designer and producer of Kaliningrad studio KD Lab Andrei Kuzmin, also known as KranK. With his direct participation created cult "Vangers" and "Perimeter". KranX Productions over the last year completely changed from developing and producing of offline games on the creation of advanced online services. Details can be found at

About Nival Network
Nival Network - a developer and operator of gaming social network, which presents a wide range of online games in various genres: MMORPG «Cabal Online", "Drakonika", "Theos: Goddess of Desire," "Conqueror", "Demonika», Seven Souls and King's Bounty Online, race "speed line", musical play "Popstars" and "Heroes of Rock", as well as the strategy of "princes of War 2.5", "Epica" and Prime World (own development). Founded in 2008, its offices are located in Moscow and Minsk.

About 1C
Founded in 1991, 1C Company is the leading domestic company for the development, distribution and publication of computer programs for business and home applications. 1C Company works with users through an extensive partner network, which includes more than 10 000 permanent partners in 600 cities of the former USSR. 1C is the official distributor of more than 100 foreign and domestic manufacturers of software and supplies from its warehouse range of programs for home and office, which now includes more than 20,000 positions. More at:, http://games.1c.

On the game series King's Bounty
King's Bounty - this game series with twenty-year history, won a sincere love of millions of players around the world. Harmoniously combining elements of turn-based strategy and role-playing game, King's Bounty captivates and fascinates with its magical atmosphere. Long-distance journeys, mythical monsters, dark locks, sinister dungeons, countless treasures - in the games of the series is all for the wonderful, unforgettable adventure. More information about the game King's Bounty presented on the site

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