PC Gamer Readers' Top 20 PC Games

PC Gamer held an "epic survey" amongst readers to determine the best PC games of all time, and has published the top 20. It's a sobering read, but at least it's RPG-heavy, featuring Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (#18), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (#17), BioShock (#15), Mass Effect (#12), World of Warcraft (#10), Dragon Age: Origins (#8), The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (#7), EVE Online (#3) and Fallout 3 (#2).
2. Fallout 3
Release: 2008
Last year: New entry
Finding every little precious gaming moment. If you didn't overturn every rock, you didn't know what you might be missing.
Robert Chennault

Must eat congressman's brain.
Ossie Spears

Fallout 3 provided an experience that is so unique to the video game medium: I created my own experiences and stories.
Michael Kenyon

It's like the Mad Max movies, without the vehicles.
Matt Beggs

All the different ways you could go about each quest, all the ways you could build your character, and all the great mods for the game. Everything in this wonderful game just made me want more.
Walker Summers