Two Worlds and Enclave Now Available on Good Old Games

It's not very surprising to see the addition of Starbreeze Studios' Enclave on Good Old Games, but it's a bit unusual to see that Reality Pump's Two Worlds is already available on the DRM-free download service. And to top it off, it's even the "Epic Edition" that includes both the Tainted Blood and Curse of Souls add-ons.
At the beginning of your epic adventure, a mercenary mission takes you to the far north - but you're also following up a mysterious lead at the same time the first clue you've been given since Kyra's disappearance. You're shocked during a meeting with the delegates of a dark Brotherhood - your sister's kidnappers are indeed after your family's relic. Whether there's any truth in your family being the chosen ones or not, the others obviously believe it - and if you ever want to see Kyra again, you'll have to act swiftly... You are the only person able to unlock the secrets of a dead god's tomb, and all the forces in the land want your help to seize its power.

This pack contains the original Two Worlds along with two expansions: Tainted Blood and Curse of Souls.
I'm certainly not going to complain, though. The bigger GOG's catalogue gets, the better.