Mass Effect 2 Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC Reviews

Another torrent of reviews for BioWare's Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC assaulted the Internet over the past couple of days, so it's time for another round-up. 

NowGamer gives it a 6.2/10:
The first real paid-for Mass Effect 2 DLC fails to engage for long enough. It's good but light on content and won't offer much for anyone who has already completed the main story.

Gamervision gives it a "Buy It" verdict:
More of the same isn't a bad thing when the same is utterly wonderful. "Stolen Memory" absolutely falls into this category. Just as was the case with the Fallout 3 downloadable content, it will likely shine in additional playthroughs, when it expands on the offerings already found on the disk, instead of attempting to stand on its own. The ramifications of storylines from the DLC playing out in sequels, too, is worth remembering, since there's little reason to believe that Kasumi's story won't play out in Mass Effect 3. There's also the painful truth that there's likely going to be a few years before said sequel is released, meaning anything that expands on the Mass Effect universe in-between is a worthy investment for fans of the series. No matter the reasoning, "Stolen Memory" is something every Mass Effect junkie should own, if not just to justify popping the disk in again.

G4 doesn't provide a score:
So should you pick up Stolen Memory? I'd say yes, provided you have an expectation that it's a brief return to a game you already love or if you've yet to play Mass Effect 2 and want to be a completionist. The action does make up for the less-than-stellar heist elements, and Kasumi is an interesting support character for other missions. I just hope Bioware is learning a lot of lessons from this content roll-out for future games and gameplay.

Digital Battle gives it a 5/10:
he mission itself sees a brief stealth part Katsumi is a thief, nonetheless where you'll be sneaking through security, which is an interesting, albeit brief new feature. However, you'll quickly be blasting your way, Mass Effect 2 style, of course. While the DLC features the usual high production values of BioWare's Mass Effect 2, it's hard to justify paying $7 for an extra mission which can be completed in an hour and which offers no replay value. Ultimately, it's a DLC for those who have completed everything Mass Effect 2 has to offer, and are still interested in playing some more.

Big Download gives it a "Must Own" verdict:
Our only wish is that Stolen Memory had more Paragon or Renegade dialog opportunities. The mission campaign includes one dialogue scene, one interactive cut scene and a possible opportunity at the end, but they're not as impactful as the choice players had to make with the Zaeed DLC expansion. However, that's a generally minor point when considering everything else the expansion has. There's a new companion, a new weapon, and a nice bit of money for players that seek it out. Considering you get all that for 560 BioWare points ($7.00 US), that's quite a bargain. Altogether, Kasumi and the Stolen Memory mission make excellent additions to the Mass Effect 2 experience.

And then we have three video reviews at MSNBC (9/10), GameTrailers (8.3/10), and Giant Bomb (their usual "quick look" thing).