Neverwinter Nights Premium Module Reviews

RPGWatch has conjured up a lengthy editorial that summarizes and reviews all of the premium modules released for BioWare's Neverwinter Nights. Unfortunately, Infinite Dungeons and most of the others aren't even for sale anymore:
Released in May 2006, this lower-priced module had a simple but intriguing premise: you return to Neverwinter and meet a strange boy named Timmy at the entrance to a dungeon made by the wizard Halaster we learned about in the Hordes of the Underdark expansion. Your goal is to traverse the dungeon and destroy the evil wizard. That is the plot - the rest is all about the dungeon. And the dungeon isn't infinite - but it sure feels close. I took four characters through a total of six dungeon runs - my typical Paladin and Sorcerer I took through twice, and a cleric and monk cleverly named Cadderly and Danica. Each time through the dungeon was quite different, and tailored to the specific character. You battle through one section of dungeon, battle a boss and move on to the next section - which is bigger and harder.

Have you ever wanted to play Neverwinter Nights as a pure hack-n-slash experience? Me neither. If I wanted that type of experience, there are plenty of games in the action-RPG genre. Yet I enjoyed this module more than I expected - it is not the type of game you'll discuss at length with friends as a great role-playing experience. There are some cool puzzles and some exciting battles, and a few quests, but this is pretty much a combat module. But then, you probably didn't buy a module called Infinite Dungeons looking for inter-party romance.