BioWare Retrospective, Part Two

Girl Gamers UK is offering up the second half of their BioWare retrospective, this time taking us through Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the Mass Effect franchise, Dragon Age: Origins, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. From their "looking ahead" section:
The next major release is a large expansion for Bioware's fantasy series. Dragon Age: Awakenings is set to let us return to the land of Ferelden for another epic quest set after the events of the main game; as the player tries to rebuild the order of the Grey Wardens.

Bioware have also hinted that the Mass Effect games are intended as a grand space operatic trilogy, so we wouldn't be surprised if early production of Mass Effect 3 was already underway. And you can bet there will be some quality DLC for ME2 released in the meantime.

Star Wars fans are also looking forward to Bioware's planned entry into the MMORPG field, with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Set in the same age as their 2003 release, early reports indicate The Old Republic will look to marry the best gameplay aspects of persistent, addictive MMOs with Bioware's trademark plot, characterisation and moral choices. We'll be watching this one with interest to see how it shapes up.
In case you missed the first half, you'll find it here.