BioShock 2 Patch Released

The first patch for BioShock 2 has been released. It has caused a new multiplayer problem they're hotfixing, but otherwise adresses the multiplayer issues mentioned earlier.
Today we released a patch for BioShock 2 on the PC for issues that we uncovered between the title's production and launch. Unfortunately, this patch is causing errors in the Multiplayer portion of the game where holding down the mouse button does not register in game. We are already working on a fix to this problem and I will update you with more details as soon as I have them. The full patch list is available here for your reference (minus any potential spoilers.) Our work to fix other issues (including our widescreen fix) is still ongoing and they will be coming shortly. As always, I'll be posting here whenever I have an update for you.

- Fixed accepting a game invite on the Multiplayer Menu via Friend Invite causing a crash.
- Fixed a black screen that would occur minimizing and restoring the game in Windows 7.
- Fixed the ability to adopt or harvest Little Sisters after rebinding the '˜F' or '˜B' keys to Zoom, Fire or Fire Plasmid.
- Fixed Big Daddy HUD elements remaining on screen when not appropriate.
- Fixed an issue where the player's plasmid hand would become unresponsive if they pressed the Next Plasmid key immediately after firing any chargeable plasmid (such as ElectroBolt 2).
- Fixed a potential save file issue.
- Fixed an issue where the resolution would change on its own if entering gameplay in a 16:10 resolution on a native 16:10 monitor.
- Fixed a problem where if you were running the game in a resolution higher than your desktop resolution the mouse cursor wouldn't be able to go across the whole screen.
- Fixed an issue in Windows 7 where certain Radio messages could become scrambled or broken after defeating a Big Sister if Voice audio had been turned down or muted previously.
- Fixed a crash while playing Dionysus Park on a 32-bit machine.
- Fixed a crash that would occur sometimes loading a previous manual save made before any present QuickSave.
- Fixed a crash while signing in to GFWL when running compatibility mode for XP SP2 while running Vista.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't play audio diaries in certain areas.
- Fixed a rare crash that could occur any time before a specific Big Sister sequence.