BioShock 2 Issues

BioShock 2 seems to have some minor hiccups that could potentially bother your playtime. Nothing major from the looks of it, but keep it in mind when making your purchase decision. Especially if you're colourblind, as Negative Gamer reports the hacking minigame is everything but adapted to you.
Whilst reading the 2K Forums earlier today finding out about all the BioShock 2 bugs, I found a thread complaining that hacking was almost impossible for colour blind gamers.

Curious to see for myself (no pun intended) just how much impact being colour blind makes to the new hacking mechanic, I ran the above image (sorry for the low quality, it's a photo of the 360 version) through a colour contrast analyser application I used when re-designing this very site (you can download it here).
And GamerNode reports of sizeable complaints on multiplayer.
Players from around the internet are reporting that Bioshock 2 is freezing on them when trying to play multiplayer sessions of the game. They are reporting it as a constantly reocurring issue that has led some owners of the Xbox 360 version of the game to stop playing out of fear of it crashing the console.
I've heard some complaints on GfWL too, but the devil will need a new overcoat before a GfWL game is released without complaints. Personally, what I find odd is the apparent odd mapping of background textures, which is making the graphics experience much less impressive, but that might just be me.