Classic PC Games That Should Get a Next-Gen Makeover

I'm not sure that we've ever determined what the point is of using a term like "next-gen", but the guys at Switched seem to think that some classic PC titles are overdue for some modernization. Garriott's Akalabeth: World of Doom and Epyx's Dunjonquest series are among the video games listed:
Laying claim to dozens of games for almost every console, the 'Wizardry' series has inspired countless others (like 'Final Fantasy') and received critical acclaim, but 'Akalabeth' deserves recognition, as well. It wasn't greeted with the initial fanfare of 'Wizardry,' but -- to its credit -- it was one of the first role-playing games, gave birth to the 'Ultima' series, and featured advanced graphics and gameplay. It was also created by a teenaged Richard Garriott and, according to popular legend, first marketed in Ziploc bags. A next-gen modernization by a major manufacturer (with the amazing Garriott's help, of course) could be incredible.