Torchlight Reviews

Not only has Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame given Torchlight the review treatment, but we have another favorable text-based review of Torchlight to pore over at Alternative Magazine Online.  The score is 8/10, and here's the conclusion:
Born from the ashes of Mythos, Runic Games' attempt at a Diablo flavoured MMO, Torchlight is sadly a single player only affair, but is backed already by a solid modding community. New classes are easily added into the game, and there are some excellent efforts to be dug up, including a decent version of Warcraft's Shaman class. It may not have had any build up, nor is it likely to win any game of the year awards, but it is an incredible amount of fun. It's the epitome of pick-up-and-play. Five minutes of monster bashing is just as satisfying as five hours. It's as simple as the year is young, and it doesn't contain any Daily Mail baiting scenes.

A terrific little game, and comes highly recommended.