Age of Decadence Preview

After spending some firsthand time with Iron Tower's recently released Age of Decadence combat demo, one of the editors over at The Adrenaline Vault has kicked up a brief preview. An excerpt, as usual:
Aside from combat, which I will get to, the demo also shows off such areas of the game as character creation, dialogue, inventory and trade. As I was building my character, I was mindful of the fact that this is a combat demo so I put all of my stat points into Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity, and my skill points into improving my block, dodge, critical strike, and sword attributes. Sword is one of the eight possible weapon types, and the one I saw fit to start off with. Once in the game world, I went over to a weapons and armor vendor and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of arms and armor available.

Having bought a shield, a helmet and some basic leather armor I had a quick chat with the arena master and got myself a gig fighting criminals for a spectacle, and quickly learned how the combat system works. There is a set amount of action points available to you each turn, and they can be spent on either movement or attacks. Since you start off a certain distance away from your opponent it may seem a good idea to close in, however, I quickly discovered that by moving into melee range I had spent all my points and essentially delivered myself for the beating. In my next fight I skipped the first turn and once the enemy closed in, I had my entire point-pool at my disposal.