Unconfirmed: Dragon Age: Origins Boxed Expansion Coming in March

Those of us who have been hoping for a full, boxed expansion pack for Dragon Age: Origins just might be getting what we wished for.  According to Eurogamer.cz, an expansion entitled "Awakening" is currently scheduled to hit retail stores on March 19th, 2010. Via Google Translate:
Details of the expansion's contents are still only preliminary and may still change. Awareness will follow the story chronologically Dragon Age: Origins and promises a huge portion of the additional content. You play as a completely new main character, including his own prologue (separate Origin Story). Completion of the central storyline to take approximately 15 hours, as compared to the 100-hour original is not too much, and have consequences for the rest of the game.

You can recruit new characters and jointly explore hitherto unknown part of the map of the world. Level cap increases over the 20th level and of course become new enemies and equipment.

Official announcement from Electronic Arts expansion expected sometime early January.
Great news! Thanks, Blue's News.