BioWare Interview, Part Two

IncGamers has provided us with the second half of their interview with BioWare's Ray Muzyka, and this time their discussion briefly takes them through the company's history, Mass Effect 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and more.
With BioWare traditionally, all of the titles, by and large, have been RPGs. Have you ever felt like you want to branch out into something different and maybe try telling a story and espousing on all of your four tenets in a different way, moving into a separate genre or something like that?

Well, for me the definition of a role-playing game is really broad, so you can actually merge in different genres, design choices, and feature sets, and still stay within the zone of an RPG provided you still focus on those design pillars I was talking about. So I think we're always trying to broaden what we do. Mass Effect 2 is as much a shooter as it is an RPG. Dragon Age has a lot of the RTS elements in combat that Baldur's Gate, given that it's a spiritual successor to that, had. And Star Wars: The Old Republic has a lot of RPG elements from BioWare games, but it's an MMO. So those are a few examples of how we're broadening the definition of what we build.