Unofficial Arcanum Patch v091225 Released

Drog Black Tooth has released a new v091225 unofficial Arcanum patch, adding yet another set of fixes to Troika's classic RPG. By the sounds of it, this might be the last one we see:
Quite surprisingly even after I left the community with a bang, my works still remained popular and widely used, so I thought I might as well compile and release what I had done on the UAP since almost exactly a year ago.

This is definitely not what I wanted the patch to be, but rather what it had eventually become. I haven't worked on it in at least a half a year. I lost interest in both patching and the actual game as well. I guess, everyone eventually moves on, and so did I.

Anyway, this is still a substantial release. The patch may be unfinished in a sense that I still have a few pages of unsolved bug reports, but this version has many bug fixes, including a number of engine fixes/tweaks. It even fixes a few very annoying critical bugs (e.g. Virgil not dying at the Sobbing Onion). The full changelogs are included with the patch.

Understandably, in the end this is still an unsupported work that is no longer maintained. I take zero responsibility for what this patch does. Use it at your own risk.

Also, before some shitty troll says it, this release isn't an attempt at attention whoring and/or getting back into the community. I'm still around, but I don't think I'll be posting much, if at all. Moreover, my site is now torn down and my hotmail account is disabled. Please accept this release as a present that it is and don't try to get back at me with whatever agenda you may have.


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