Torchlight Interview, Retail Version Includes New Pet

Big Download had a chance to sit down with Runic Games' Max Schaefer for a brief interview about Torchlight's success, its forthcoming MMO component, its retail release in January, and more. Apparently the boxed version includes a new pet:
Looking back on the release now, are there some aspects of the game that you would like to go back and improve upon?

Sure, there's always the "I wish we could have added that one boss" moments after release. We've already released a patch that improved a lot of things like load times, but mostly we just have tons of additional things we want to do from here on out.


Will the retail version have any extra content compared to the earlier downloadable game?

Just one feature in particular. [Spoiler Alert]. We created a new pet for the retail version. The new pet version is a ferret, actually more about the size of an otter, and sporting a cool pair of Alchemist-style goggles. This is brand new information, so that's the scoop! The ferret pet will be featured on the box art, too, to let folks know of the extra feature.