Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere

The folks at GameZone have penned a short piece about the evolution of dragons in video games, during which they mention how the winged beasts are represented in both Dragon Age: Origins and Divinity II: Ego Draconis.
A few years have passed, but this has done nothing to diminish our collective memory of the awesome dragon a few years is insignificant when you've been around for thousands, right? Naturally, there have been advancements in digital technology since then, which has brought us closer than ever to bringing these beasts back to life. Sure, that might not sound like much, since dragons never really existed to begin with. But try spending a few hours within BioWare's latest fantasy epic, Dragon Age: Origins; if those graphics don't turn you into a believer, nothing will.


Clearly, these ancient kings of the sky demand respect. Perhaps the answer lies in avoiding depictions of dragon subjugation, with humans relying on dragons as mere beasts of burden. Instead, let us commend their strength by allowing ourselves to become truly possessed by their power. In this way, Larian Studios will surely receive the nod of approval from fire-breathing game critics, as Divinity II: Ego Draconis allows the player to transform into the dragon itself. While much of the adventure takes place on foot as a human, players are provided with plenty of opportunities to take to the skies in dragon form; this provides an element of contrast that ensures aerial abilities are not taken for granted. This is not some gimmick or superficial costume the player (unlocks) just for variety's sake the flying capabilities literally add a new dimension to the gameplay. Granting players this level of freedom within a vast, role-playing fantasy realm certainly sounds more promising than the confining rail-shooters of yesteryear.