The Making of Venetica, Part Four

Over the weekend, I decided to open up a GameBanshee channel on YouTube, and I've been adding the hundreds of RPG trailers that have been burning up space on my NAS drive as quickly as they'll upload ever since. All of the new videos we receive will be posted to this new channel, starting with this fourth "Making Of" video for Deck 13's Venetica:

And here's the full press release:
Venetica Making of Video #4: What would Venice look like without its pigeon overpopulation?

Hamburg/Germany, December 15th, 2009 There are some things that make locations really look authentic. Local architecture, for instance. Trees and Plants. And, of course, animals: Venice/Italy wouldn't be the same without being overcrowded by kazillions of startled pigeons that are running around just everywhere in this city.

The same goes for the virtual Venice of dtp entertainment's and Deck 13's upcoming cinematic RPG Venetica: For making the fantastic scenario come to life, the development team of the game included pigeons that act like in the real city.

Today, publisher dtp entertainment releases the fourth episode of a making of video series. This one shows concept artist Felix Haas explaining how Deck 13 managed to get the birds into game. Felix also provides new insights on the Venetian roofs, which are one of the several levels of the game world: As Venetica fans might already know, heroine Scarlett not only walks the streets and swims the canals, but also has to survive a lot of adventures on the skyline of the city.

Venetica is a cinematic RPG with an extraordinary and deep story. The game mixes emotion and action in spectacular ways.

A unique and living world full of surprises is waiting for the player, set in a fantastical 16th century Venice and paired with intuitive and easy to learn gameplay.

Venetica offers movie like cameras, subtly used cut scenes and spectacular images on a marvelous trip through a unique game world that is hard to match in the genre.

Venetica, developed by Deck 13, will be released in early 2010 for PC and Xbox 360®.