Dragon Age: Origins Sex-related Editorials

For whatever reason, the PG-rated, semi-clothed sex scenes in Dragon Age: Origins - particularly the homosexual ones - are still making headlines.  MMORPG.com examines this "controversy":
Dragon Age was promoted as a game of choices and grey morality. It is supposed to make people think, and not just present black and white options.

That aside, the game rewards people who do the right think, like not cheating on people they've committed themselves to. And, God forbid Wal-Mart sells a video game that educates people about not cheating on their significant others.

Unfortunately, it also included an achievement system and that achievement system is what caused me to morally stray from the straight and narrow path.

I say it again: I boinked the elf and I did it for the achievements.

While Koku Gamer continues to defend BioWare's decision to include gay romance:
I realize that gay bashing sells and attracts votes, but I'm tired of crusty old men blathering and dithering on about homosexuality. Personally, I couldn't care less about what someone does in their spare time. Oddly, the people who are so concerned about what is going on in your bedroom are the same people who advocate for less government and deregulation of the financial system. Weird. Further, these are the people who do not play video games. It is highly unlikely that the people making such a fuss about Dragon Age's gay sex scene have even tried the game but have seen the clip whereas relatively normal people like myself don't have the time, energy, or interest in pursuing such issues. There are far greater threats to the world than Dragon Age's bare-chested pixilated men snuggling up next to to a camp fire (ie. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen).


Artists that dare to push the limits on what is considered acceptable are usually remembered far longer than those few pests who got in their way. The most recent example of this is clearly Brokeback Mountain which received such wide acclaim and recalling the names of those who wanted to boycott the film is impossible. In Bioware's case, they wanted to make the choice available to the player to have a momentary encounter with another male. Being that storytelling and choice are major parts of the RPG genre, the gay experience with Zevran adds to the story and the character's personal history and I have no problem with that. I suppose growing pains were inevitable for the gaming industry but when the slightest bit of sexual innuendo is met with such hostility, it makes me wonder which of us does not have a grasp on our own sexuality.