Mass Effect Redemption Artist Diary

Comic book artist Omar Francia has penned a diary for CBR about the behind-the-scenes process he took while creating the artwork for the upcoming Mass Effect Redemption comic series. Lots of sketches and art models are embedded in the article, so it's well worth a look:
OMEGA station in space view is a frequently used place in much of the series, so I needed to make a very detailed 3D model. But, as always, the models must not be "too detailed" in order to allow me to add texture and more details when I'm inking. In this way, I make sure that the model is only a sketch to be finished by hand, and nothing more. I never ink directly over the render. I'm actually drawing with ink.

I built the Freighter ship based on the concept pictures developed by Bioware. I don't really need to make a 3D model for only two panels (it also appears on Page #4), but I thought it may be useful to have that ship done for future books, who knows? After "Star Wars: Legacy," I'm getting faster at modeling ships.

I limited the inking process to the ship, the Station, and the asteroid field, because - in order to save time - I added the black space and the stars in the computer. And that gives me a final page, ready to send to Dark Horse!