Buy a Dragon Age T-shirt, Get Free DLC

If you've been meaning to pick up a Dragon Age: Origins t-shirt but didn't want to pay the shipping fees at the BioWare store, you now have another option - and new DLC to boot. Hot Topic will start selling a new Dragon Age shirt this weekend, and all such purchases come with a code that will unlock a defensive amulet called the Mark of Vigilance. The details:
Dragon Age t shirts will be making their appearance this weekend at Hot Topic retailers around the United States... but there's more than just an awesome t shirt in it for you. An exclusive DLC amulet, the Mark of Vigilance. Not all maleficar practice forbidden blood magic, but templars must constantly guard against the possibility that even an innocuous-seeming mage has delved into arts that permit him to control the minds of others. The best mage-hunters are granted these valued amulets as rewards by the Divine. They are often entombed alongside the templar when he dies.

'¢Adds 2% to spell resist
'¢Adds +6 to defense
'¢Adds +5 to mental resist

This will be made available to buyers of the t shirt, via a download card that you pick up at the point of purchase. Head to your local Hot Topic to grab yours.
Check out this entry in our equipment database for more information about the amulet.